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Old 12th April 2019
Gullfloss makes the list, totally.

Good dynamic was like ozone 8, sonnox, or TDR make the list (for me).

Maag eq4 is slightly less useful for me, than kush clariphonic. I've been seeking a replacement for kush clariphonic.

Aside from that, my one word answers is "airwindows." An additional word is FREE.

150+ free plugins for mac os, windows or linux... by @ chrisj -- no strings attached, no install exe or anything like that (no malware, spyware, viruses, ad schemes, or trickery). He is supported by Patreon.

His plugins aren't emulations, but in many cases are seeking to acquire similar sounding results to that of analog. He is an analog junky, who had built hardware and coded what I feel are genius types of plugins. Most of his plugins are like 1 unit for 1 purpose or process, so it maximizes flexibility. They don't come with a GUI so you depend on your DAW for that (or a wrapper plugin).

Any EQ inside airwindows console/channel/buss encode/decode systems will be more "magic"... specifically with condole5, 6, and purest. Purestgain, desk in combo.. are winners. Hands down, airwindows beats all other console types of plugins or digitally dedigned systems for mimicking the resulting sound types of the beautiful analog warmth.

Airwindows acceleration is magic for controlling highs, mostly inaudibly.

BassKit for lows, on master buss or even channels (earlier versions are more extreme and for instrument channel shaping).

Buttercomp2 is my go-to glue compressor, replacing "the glue," or any other glue comp, which I had stopped using in 2016.

Pro-Q 2 or 3 EQ match seems fairly "magic" but isn't really meeting my analog preferring snobby standards. DMG equilibrium is recommended by others, for good reason.

uLaw is, IMHO, the most "magic" plugin to ever exist... but not for reasons that most musicians would desire.

NotJustAnotherDither is the best dither, in most cases, for final renderings of 24 bit products (NJACD for 16 bit).