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I've sold my EPS 16+ about 2 months ago....also my W-30 in fact. I'm lacking space in here.
I kept my ASR-10 over it. The sequencer might be super buggy but ...I dont know, it really got something over the EPS 16+ in my opinion.
I dont think i'll venture further in the 12 bit samplers area. I got an Emax a S-10( waow waow ) a Korg DSS-1 ( Next level sampler and sound ) the X7000 ( very y synth like my EMAX but different, but those 2 or VERY dirty samplers ) and my beloved MPC 3000 ( 16 bit I know, like my ASR ) I'm done collecting samplers. I might get one of the 2 SP1200 clone that are being built as we speak and that will be it on my side. I'm thinking of buying a Crumar Performer soon....I just love the sound of it...but thats another game :P

what's that DSS1 actually like? I don't know anyone that's ever had or used one. I strongly considered grabbing one when back when that first mod (i don't remember what it was, exactly) came out for it.