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Old 11th April 2019
Here for the gear

You can actually use extra pads, I have the TD-11 with 7 cymbals 4 toms , snare and bass drum. How did I do that you may ask.... simple I built my own splitters, a lot of us don't need to use the rim zone on the toms, so lucky for us the TD-11 module allows you to separate head and rim zones (unlink is what they call it), once you do that, you can put a splitter cable with the female end connected to TOM 1 cable from the Roland cable snake, on the other side of that splitter cable you have two male ends, one goes to the tom one (head sound), the other can go to a new cymbal pad, if you do it that way, you can add 3 extra cymbals for a total of 7 cymbals (HH, crash , ride which come with the module, plus 3 cymbals, one for every tom, and there is another cymbal plug physically in the module) that is a total of 7 cymbals and for the 4th tom, you can use the extra ride cable (if you don't have a 3 zone ride). so my current setup has HH, crash, crash, splash, splash, china and ride. plus 4 toms, snare and bass drum. mind you, there is no need to build your own splitters you can find them on Ebay for about $15 each, just make sure they are E-drum splitters as the regular audio splitters are built differently internally so they might not work correctly. finally use the aux input to plug in your phone or music source, and you can play along any song you want, also you can use a regular audio splitter this time for the headphone output, one goes to your headphones, the second one goes to a camera (if your camera has mic input) or to a headphone amplifier, that way you can feed that one output, and have for example 4 outputs from the headphone amplifier to feed 4 cameras for a multi angle drum cover, or just so that your bandmates can hear you and play at the same time in very low volume scenarios, the possibilites are endless, if you get into the input output connection rabbit hole. just my 2 cents.