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So, to get started mixing with Ambisonics, what kind of tools are required? Waves offers the 360° Ambisonics Tools Bundle. Are there any other competing products to consider?
From doing this on the "app" side theres a bunch of options. On the PC & gaming side I would reference Brian Schmidt's tool sets he goes over in this thread: Game Audio Guru Brian Schmidt Mini Q+A 2018

On the phone app side, unity3d is great. (some of the real compelling content I've listened to is in unity3d)

In about all cases you can always do the music in quad, then pick the various daws to remap the quad to hrtf/binaural options. I'm a protools hd person, it gives me a lot of options but that's a kind of expensive way to go. If I was starting out from scratch I'd probably go nuendo/wwise (nuendo has a bunch of new stuff coming out and has good wwise integration).

If I could pick another extreme it's the Suzanne Cianni/Hans Zimmer/JunkieXL/Deadmau5 crowd (which the sphere's album kind of follows). They all have both a serious business background and all were profesional performance artist - all do a lot with modular but normally go to stems that can go to any distribution format. All of them also have a lot of youtubes and such, but normally don't get super techie on exact methods.