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Yes, thanks, I did know that; it's the normal way of doing comps in Ardour/Mixbus. It's the alternative (using playlists) that I was curious about. I've read that some people prefer playlists for comping and now that I've experimented with it myself I can see that the most efficient approach would be to create a separate track for the comp rather than creating a new playlist called "comp" within the track and copying and pasting sections to it.

I like the concept of playlists in Mixbus, it's similar to snapshots but just for individual tracks. So you can have multiple versions of any track, each saved as a playlist, and you can alternate between them.

I'm just not sure I understand the advantage, if any, of comping with playlists vs. comping with layers.
Did you contact Nik or Ben at Harrison directly? They are always willing to help and explain.