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I know about comping with layers, which works well if everything was recorded to a click track and aligned on the grid, but almost everything I work with is more free-form and takes in layers rarely line up. I saw in the manual that some people use a playlist for each take and then comp from there, but I'm having trouble figuring out how to do that -- as far as I can tell there's no "playlist view" where I can see the different takes (with layers of course I can explode the view and see them all).

So my question is: do you set up a playlist as the comp (aka the "destination" playlist) and copy and paste sections of the other playlists to it? Or do you create a new track and copy/paste sections from playlists to it? It's not really explained in the manual and I'm having trouble visualizing how the process works.
Not exactly what you're looking for as this is not related to playlists per se, but maybe it helps as it demonstrates the use of stacking different pieces on a single track and how to align them in overlay mode:

If you knew all that already, nevermind.