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The Gefell for Josephson capsules are engraved with Josephson (not to mention the serial number is allocated to Josephson.)
Returning to original spec means returning to the quality that was picked for sale to Josephson.

The difference is tolerance (supposedly the capsules for others sent out by Gefell is +-2 dB where Josephson requests +-1dB.)

My C617set mics 20Hz-10kHz are less than 0.2 dB deviation (zero incidence) on the included graph (but who knows what precision/smoothing is used.) My DPA 4011 and 4006 mics' charts have a written number on their chart stating their deviation which isn't on the Gefell chart. Speaking to Josephson (this was in regards to buying some additional c617set mics to match my current stock) they don't "tune" the capsule; it is just preselected by Gefell. [And therefore, Josephson expects all their c617set mics to "match" though they did offer to recheck all my current mics to make sure nothing had changed from use for both mic bodies and capsules]