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I went from the Solo6 to the ATC scm25 several years ago.. I never looked back.

the scm25 it's a much better loudspeaker, but it's also a 3 way and at a completely different price point, so it's not a fair comparison.

I'd strongly suggest to treat your space the best you could, that would have a HUGE impact on your mixes and how ANY loudspeaker behave in that space, big or small.

that said the scm25 also offer more lowend information than the Solo6..
it's not only a better mixing loudspeaker, it's also more "fullrange" than a solo6 (but again, as said before, this is not a fair comparison).

Don't worry too much about the tweeter, they are really good as they are and are anyway a big step Forward to what you have now.

between the 20 and the 25 I'd go with the 25, although I know several people like how the 20 behaves better.. it's more a matter of taste and Needs at this point.

if you produce as well you might need a sub on the 20, on the 25 is not really needed ime.

if you can't pull a great mix out of any atc, then the problem is not the loudspeaker..

Dunno if this helps.. but I hope so..

Thanks Cheu! That's actually very helpful especially since you went from what I have now (Solo 6) to the 25's. Thanks so much for your input, I have no doubt it would be a big step up!