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From a buying perspective, we are done with using After their system accepted our payment and it went thru, subsequently put our account under review. Then our payment was refunded with no explanation and with no instructions about what to do next in order to make good on our offer to buy the gear. Since this happened over a weekend when there is no one at to "review the account", we ultimately lost out on buying the gear. This is because unbeknownst to the buyer, the system falsely represented to the seller that we, the buyer, cancelled the order (which is completely untrue). So over the weekend the seller sold the gear to someone else. I would have expected to hold the funds pending the review and notify the seller the sale was still pending. Completing payment within 72 hours is supposed to be the policy, but clearly their own system does not support that policy and works against the buyer. We've never had issues like this with eBay. never explained why the account was put under review.
They held up payment from a guy who bought an item from me for FIFTEEN days and No End In Sight!

I finally called them to tell them what I think about their endless runarounds and stringalongs and closed my account.