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Here for the gear

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Gosh, where to start...

So quality of the mics is "paramount" and you want high quality HP amp but then playing back through BT speakers is OK too? You do know that BT audio is data-reduced right?

It all sounds like you need an SD MixPre3 really. Far from being a big sound bag. The machine itself is almost the same size anyway.
To apple-q: Thank you for your unnecessarily snarky comment.

Yes I'm aware that bluetooth audio is sent at reduced sample rate and bit depth and dependent on the DA converters of the bluetooth speaker rather than those of the unit doing the sending. Never implied it would be my primary method of review. I was pretty clear that I'm going to be doing critical listening on headphones through the headphone preamp but bluetooth playback may be a helpful feature for some situations (ie. immediate playback to other performers).

Not everyone uses their equipment the same way you do. I'm a singer, not a sound engineer, and these recordings are for rehearsal purposes.

I asked about the quality of the built in mics because I don't want to be carrying outboard mics and cords to rehearsals/practices. Plus, a matched pair or stereo mic and cords would be extra cost. Pretty sure the on-board mics of the MixPre3 aren't going to be as good as either Sony ;P.

Thanks to George Vlad for your helpful response regarding built-in mic quality. I am definitely leaning to D100. Any thoughts on the relative quality of the headphone preamps between the two?