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Originally Posted by drBill View Post
Reasons for a console :

1. You're using a tape machine.
2. You're tracking large ensembles.
3. You're enamored with a console.

There's really no other reasons in 2019 for having a console. It's ancient technology except for the above reasons. The OP isn't using tape or tracking large ensembles. That's boils it down to lust. If you want one and can afford it, then go for it. Otherwise....shhhhh. We're tired of hearing all the pro "gotta have a console" hyperbole.

I'm also a former D&R refugee.

I've been happily working without a console for the last 10 years.
I liked the workflow, but my D&R 4000 required near constant maintenance.

If I was in the OP's situation I'd be considering HDX before I would a console.

The exception to this would be some sort of line level console/controller such as the SSL Matrix 2- that would make a lot of sense.