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I mean, don't get me wrong - consoles are beautiful to look at and appreciate - like a nice watch, but, like a nice watch - not a necessity in this day and age. I could just buy another Apollo 8, scoop up some different flavors of micpre amps and leave everything weird up. Essentially achieving the desired result of facilitation of creative energy and less time dinking around with cabling and getting lost in which mic with which pre. That would easily give me 16 channels. I do think I am getting lost in choices - one of the potential hazards of the modern era or recording, but I could just commit to certain mics and pres for say the drums. Currently have 2 Chandler Germaniums, Pacifica, Portico 5024 and Mercury M72s/1. Wouldn't take more than ohhhh 15 grand to add 8 more pres.