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Old 9th April 2019
Here for the gear
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I tried to use the microbrute for exactly this, and came to the conclusion that I really REALLY need some polyphony to make nice stabs and techno-ish tracks.

If you want something economical, and can do without knobs, i'd reccomend looking at 90's rack synth modules. The Yamaha TX81 and Korg 03r/w are pretty highly praised, though i haven't tried them myself. They might not be for everybody.

I've been using a similar 1U rack synth, the Yamaha TG55 and I love it. It has quite a few preset sounds, and an equally large bank of user-preset sounds. 16 voice polyphony, built in effects, very advanced envelopes and multiple filters.

All of these modules can usually be set up over MIDI, and i've read that people have made custom control panel apps for them.