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Originally Posted by drBill View Post
Reasons for a console :

1. You're using a tape machine.
2. You're tracking large ensembles.
3. You're enamored with a console.

There's really no other reasons in 2019 for having a console. It's ancient technology except for the above reasons. The OP isn't using tape or tracking large ensembles. That's boils it down to lust. If you want one and can afford it, then go for it. Otherwise....shhhhh. We're tired of hearing all the pro "gotta have a console" hyperbole.
Well said. What do you define as large ensemble? In my studio I have rooms hard wired. The main tracking room has 21 I/O, ISO room 1 has an additional 3, CR has 8 with another 2 than float anywhere. There’s another ISO room with a wall panel of three that feeds off the main TR. There are 10 mics on the drums already. Two keyboards stereo DI plus midi.

I just don’t see the need for a console. I have effect sends. Each room has the same amount of outputs for phones or whatever. And everything is routable digitally in the interfaces. Plus I save space.