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I checked out images of Wim Hof (pictures worth a thousand words right?) and he's a bad arse fricking crazy person just like one of those ultra marathoners, and not just any ultra person but the most extreme ones, I mean the ones that intentionally scale mountains and many thousands of feet elevations and suffer through it all. I'm one of those (people) crazies, and I have an ultra in 2 weeks. It's not the distance, it's the dangerous level of the trail and how many times you can totally mess up if you take a wrong step and end up in the hospital permanently. End of running career. I respect him as a crazy ultra runner and if I didnt have my obsession might get into that also. Does it hurt more than an ultra? The desert ultra runners are also crazy, it's the opposite- oppressive heat that might kill you, well over 100 degrees. I would not wish that on anyone except people really want to be 'exceptional' and be looked down on as crazy. Thing is you feel alone but not when there are other people that think like you. We're all snowflakes but sometimes extremists can hook up with other extremists and when we do we have a BLAST!!!! Hey.. Whatever!
Wim Hof masters the power of breathing, hence capable to support his body in stressful conditions with high levels of oxygen. This is his major skill. Everything he does it's derived from this efficient breathing.

Good luck with the run!