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Sp 1200 should be +4, but thats all dependant on getting your samples recorded at the perfect level. And with my experience with vintage samplers, a single sample always plays back too quiet because the sampler reserves headroom for playing back multiple samples simultaneously. I rumln my mpc's thru an analog mixer with gains, so the +4-10 is a non issue. The 1200 is +4, but when using only one or two samples at a time , it would likely fall more into the -10 range.

Consumer soundcards dont have -10 or +4 main stereo outs- that jack is pushed by a 3 watt headphone amp, and many soundcard makers boost the 100-120 hz range, add muddy verb/delay and compress the audio by default in the soundcard advanced options utility.

You will be fine using it as is at +4, but you might want to check advanced sound settings to see if your sound is colored and boosted, disable any of that, turn the volume down around 5, and try -10 again.

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After reading through this very informative thread, I am stumped as tot he output impedance of my my E-Mu SP-1200. The manual sheds no light on whether 1/4" unbalanced outputs are +4/-10. Do any of you OGs have thoughts or knowledge of what an old 12-bit sampler of this age would have been set-up for? I am running into a RME Fireface UCX which has the option for eith +4 which is obviously lower level and -10 which sounds "hotter." Other than just doing what "sounds good" does anyone have insight for this specific scenario going direct from sampler to audio interface? Note: I go out of the eight channel outputs with a Y_cable (TRS-TS/TS) to take advantage of internal filters on the ring (return). Thanks in advance!

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Hello everyone,

I've just read this thread and my head hurts trying to understand all this technical stuff.
I just need to know the right setting for my case, so I don't blow up my speakers, and I got really confused trying to figure the correct ones.

I've just bought a pair of jbl lsr305 monitors.
The default setting is -10db.
I've connected it using this cable:
Musician's Friend
(Only in my cable the red ones says "Ring" and the black ones says "Tip")
It's connected to the output of Creative soundblaster Z.

At -10db in the speakers The sound is really loud, to the point it even sounds compressed. even old low volume songs sound very punchy.
I've switched to +4db, and now it's not as loud. It's less punchy but sounds quite right.

Is it the correct setting? Does it endanger my speakers?

Thanks to every knowledgeable guy who can answer this for me.