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Need schmeed. Get a console!

I'm in the same boat, home studio for just me and maybe a buddy. Been doing this since '84. The arrival of my 3rd child pushed the studio into the garage. I ran a Mackie 8 bus forever and wanted to revamp the gear, figured ITB was the way to go. Then I started pricing 8 channels of high end audio paths and the cost really started adding up. Almost succumbed to an old Peavey AMR 16 bus when I saw my current mixer for sale. 64 monos with EQ and dynamics with push button recall, midi controlled, 10 stereo channels, 24 bus, 84db gain on mic pres, 5.1 master section, motorized faders, 24 channel Stems monitoring, never been commissioned or passed audio, specs out even better than an SSL in some ways. $11.5K, not much more than 8 channels of outboard. How could I possibly walk away from my Cinemix? Mix Magazine centerfold, 2002.