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I've been with and without consoles. They are kind of like boats... owning one is nice, but using someone else's is often better.

After PTHD and a console, I had a mostly Apollo setup, kind of like yours - but with a Sigma and Crane Song Spider. Sonically, that setup is totally badass and I highly recommend it. However, I wanted more of a console experience, so I have the redesigned API Box. Horrible name, terrific mixer. I was close to going the XL Desk route, but since I had the Sigma I figured I'd try something different. Right now I plan keep the Spider/Sigma for extra bussing options.

If I can offer advice, the experience is what you pay for more than the sound. Sonically, it's great, but for me the journey is just as (if not more) important than the destination. Studio time is all about inspiration - and every little bit helps.

I was close to getting a 1608, but this is actually a better fit and happened to be way cheaper. If you have lots of outboard and are looking for a way to wrangle it all elegantly, it's a good option. I say go for it, but plan for a couple wasted days of wiring, and absorbing the expense. If neither of those are deal breakers, I think it will make your studio time really enjoyable.