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Hehe, I absolutely know this yes Sampling has also taken place, fun as always. Many thanks for your kind words guys and thanks for the tip on going for SCSI>SD, I have that in my Korg Triton and it works great so that might be an idea but I think the USB solution is much easier to install; no need to measure how long a flat cable is needed and whatnot.

The S1000KB will not be my main sampler by any means, just a fun machine for small and short samples & long Youtube videos.
Awesome! I hope you take the time to really delve into it; it's actually incredibly powerful and it has by far the best sample interpolation for when detuning samples—especially tuning anything downwards sounds amazing!

Also, I actually use it for long samples! I've run entire tracks through it just to get the input saturation from the preamps and the effect of detuning, along with the nice high-frequency sparkle it contributes around 8kHz or so.