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I want all the features of a classic analog mixer, that simply works with Eurorack level Audio, and, ideally, is DC coupled so it can mix CV too.

Busses, Sends and Returns, Direct Outs, all of it.

I have no interest in mixing my modular any differently from how I mix anything else. And I certainly don't need an entire other mixer solution, especially one that costs even more than a typical mixer costs. It's a F-ing Mixer, FFS.

Really, I just want something like a modified Ghost or Mackie 8bus desk, that at least handles modular levels and adds CV to the channel Pans.

I don't yet know enough to understand why modular levels are so different from regular studio levels, or whether or not they have to be, but I find it annoying and want a work around.

In my mind, it should be just as easy to route a VCF out through an Eventide H3000 and back into a Eurorack VCA as it is to route a Synth through the Eventide and then to a Mixer. Patch it in, easy.

I guess I need to find the least expensive, DIY, module that compensates for the levels and make a bunch of them to bridge this gap, maybe built into a Patchbay that also converts between 3.5mm and 1/4".

It's like having to build or buy 50 DI/Reamp boxes just to Mix sh!t. I already have a fair amount of interesting outboard gear, and do not want to duplicate the same things in modular.