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Old 8th April 2019
Here for the gear

You can't eat it really like that, you either boil it or make a tincture in alcohol. I'm not sure if the human system can extract the active ingredients from the materal without preprocessing.

Both extract different active ingredients. But as strong alcohol needed for tinctures (80+%) is illegal in Finland (well you can possess it but not sell it, also distillation is illegal), I just boil it. It has to be cut to pieces when it's fresh, then you can do it with a small axe or large knife. When it dries, it gets very hard. You can also blast it to bits in a blender and then dry it, from the small grains the taste and ingredients are extracter faster when boiling, but I'm a bit worried about oxidation so I store it in these 1cm^3 pieces.

To be honest I never saw any effect, but I drink it when I have a cold, it migh help. At least it's very tasty!

Best quality over-the-counter products would be double extract where it's first dissolved in alcohol, then the boiled, and both liquids combined. But I see the prices are astronomical on the net. Probably you can get the same health effect from going jogging 15min per day :D