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If that Sontec clone is the HDE250 from Custom Audio Germany I wouldn’t hesitate....

I LOVE IT and I use it all the time, l work in a huge variety of genres, and this eq works perfect no matter what you throw in, the low and hi shelves are magic, clean with balls, working in M/S mode is great, and you can ask for custom switchable transformers to make it even more versatile (I have a custom switchable Lundhal and Carnhills in the I/O and makes them an even more unique Eq).

Its a fact that a big part of the magic from the Sontecs are their HS-1000/2000 Opamps... but its also a fact that Steffen eq its not really a Sontec clone anymore, after many revisions I can stand that CAG HDE250 its an eq with an improved personality, for me even more useful, versatile (and stable) than the holy grail of eq’s... my 2 cents