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Old 7th April 2019
Here for the gear

Attached a newer mix below.

-main pair much lower. The first mix can be thrown in a fire pit.
-incorporated kick mic
-time-aligned all spots to the main pair
-panned spots more accurately according to main pair
-HPF on piano
-HPF on DI bass
-HPF on kick

It's a long piece with a wide dynamic range. My hope is that if I get this static mix in a good place, the rest of the show will mix itself.

I didn't heed the above warnings about really focusing in and/or multi-micing the bass to have options and not rely on DI. Once they were setup and playing during soundcheck, I changed my plan of using a ribbon. I figured the bass amp was loud and would be prominent in the main pair, and that placing a mic would create phase issues. That was likely a miscalculation. Anyhow, The DI tone deficiency is slightly mitigated/masked by the time-alignment but I still wish I'd just used a ribbon!

Also RE: Faulkner... I mentioned earlier about localization issues, washy image, etc. I should clarify that's not so much the array itself, as the way it's deployed in this situation. There is plenty of Faulkner recordings where localization is definitely not an issue.

Next up I'll probably have a go at mixing the sax portion of the show where the PA gets involved.
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