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There's a collaboration site called that claims to have millions of registered users (who knows what the actual number is), and there's a lot of good infrastructure and ability to use and share the free basic DAW (built into and part of the site) as well as to download and use and export from the professional "Cakewalk by Bandlab" DAW (formerly Cakewalk Sonar with vast number of improvements) for greater Mix/Mastering professionalism. You have your choice of the simple DAW or professional DAW to use.

The problems that have not yet been addressed, though, are the countless number of Rap and Hip-Hop people who upload and label their material as Rock. The number of complaints about it is huge, but it has not been addressed by the company. So trying to find artists you want to collab with is extremely taxing, trial and error listening experience. You click on a track that reads "Rock" and it's not. There needs to be some type of professional moderator involved that can take control of the problems and do something about it, as well as some other social media issues that need to be addressed for users on the site to enhance the collaboration effort.

But the company is constantly making improvements and delivering on their promises. So I suspect this site to be the one that gets the most recognition as the months and years go by.