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Thanks all!

(PS: how are you making that sound these days? I assume incredible vintage strat, and...reamping into what? What reverb? tell tell tell!)
I recorded at home with a line 6 Toneport- I tweaked a bunch of patches to get a good basic sound that gave me an amp feel for playing... I used a Little Labs Redeye DI/reamp box to split the direct guitar signal and recorded a direct track along with every take. I edited them as pairs....

After I got the tracks down and edited I went to a buddy's backyard studio and re-amped with the same Redyeye box. I used a few different amps- an old Princeton Reverb, A twin Reverb, and a generic Princeton clone.

When I reamped I printed two different amps at once on different tracks to have more choices when mixing. I used a Maxon analog delay, and the amp's spring reverb.

I used a few different guitars, mostly my old metalflake custom shop Strat, a tele I built with a B bender, a Danelectro Six String Bass, a borrowed telecaster with a strat vibrato, and a vintage 60's Gibson acoustic.

As maligned as the Line 6 stuff is, it came in really handy and sometimes I would use some of that along with the amps to get a good balance. The line 6 is workable for clean tones if you tweak your patches well..

I used Digital Performer (been using Performer since it came out) with a Presonus Firestudio. Mixed ITB.

Like I said, it was a 'Low End Theory" project from the begging (well, maybe minus the gtrs and amps) - which is a lot easier if you aren't recording vocals...