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Old 6th April 2019
Here for the gear

I've made a lot of beats like these. It's very simple to have such effect. On this particular example:

1 - atmosphere - very quiet, but audible, filtered crowd from some resturant or such place,
2 - percussion line - a little bit louder, probably conga, 4 bars long sample with original noise, a little bit filtered and reverbed,
3 - live hihat line
4 - kick and snare
5 - drum loop that probably occurs in original sample of these mellow chords
6 - "empty bass" - that occurs in original sample
7 - different other elements (like open hats, chants, noise fills, etc)

Except 2,3,4,7 all the rest is not quantized in any way. Kick with snare is the main element to which all the samples are sidechained, but the whole composition is not compressed in any other way between each sample (like some bus channels or something) - except mastering process at the end which is very important. Generally you can add some tape noise at the end and be aware of not to increase higher frequencies above a few kHz and keep everything in "muffled", lofi style.