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yeah I get the SM7 success with Thriller and the success builds everything up, and people can hear it and say that's a SM7!
etc.. but had it been a Heil PR40 the same thing would have happened.
like chicken or the egg, which came first the success or the gear?

then after all the fuss you realize the common sound is a smashed saturated album rock sound with saturation maximus or at least minimus etc.,.etc..
even the top pro gear tracks, gets slapped with plugins and tweaking before its over, so what is left of the original mic sound?

does anyone discuss the SM7 Thriller ...chain?

Adeles even bigger hit has the engineer saying a Rode mic into a UA 6176 was what we hear, straight in....but the mix engineer in another article lists all the plugins and stuff used on the same Rolling in the Deep how much of the original mic is left really?

if we EQ a mic is it really fair to say this sound is that of the mic? or is the sound maybe not the mic but the smashed compressor?