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i do not intend using them for serious measuring tasks (the b&k does much better) yet i hope that attaching some of the devices to the vocalists mic stands could get me an idea on how their wedge sound is 'polluted' when mixing auxes from foh without the need for patching live mic's signals into the measuring circuit...
thats some good thinkin' ..

i would like to have them in my bag for Justin Case !!! need another mic but no more cables, or you do not have any long enough cables .. but best yet is .. Live Show, you have a Mic Crap out, no more good pairs in the Snake (road gig not your gear - ha) .. you could send the Tech onstage and just plug one of these in !!!

just a Throw down Wireless anything !!!

i wonder if you can turn them around and make IFB's / in-ears out of them ?? MOno of course

just an all around good thing for your Kit ..

curious how they Scan for open areas within 2.4ghz .. and how they play well with others in tha range, as was mentioned above it can get pretty crowded ..

i deal with it all the time on Location Gigs, when live music is being recorded .. the PA mixers have 2.4ghz for their Tuning Programs ... i ran into this for the 1st time working on a DVD recording for RUSH !! and have now seen them all the time ...

cheers john only two cups of Coffe, less excited .. haha