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Hey guys, a couple quick questions about standards for mixing commercials -

1) If the spec sheet says -24 LKFS, does that typically mean +/-2? Or are there instances where it literally has to hit -24 for the average?
ATSC A/85, which is the CALM Act one that prevails in the US, is -24, give or take 2. Other standards have different tolerances: EBU R128, which is the European standard, is -23 LKFS, +/- 0.5 LU (or +/- 1.0 LU but only if you’re mixing live TV).

2) Are we basically robots as far as this? I get it if it's a consistent VO + Music, but one of the spots we're working on right now is mostly music and light foley/fx work with a couple lines at the end. This obviously ends up reading way lower than our others that are VO driving that are hitting -24, and if I make the change globally to hit -24 for this spot, the dialogue at the end is WAY too hot (obviously).

What are your experiences with these?
When I mix to a loudness spec it’s almost always been episodic TV, where you meter the whole program and if you have the dialogue pass at -24, everything else does just about fit into place.

If you’re doing little commercial spots, these I believe are “short form” programs according to the spec, and in the spec it says:

5.2.4 Measurement of Short Form Content

A measurement of the long-term integrated (or average) loudness of the content’s full program mix over its duration should be reported as the Dialog Level of the short form content.

So just make sure your dialogue is -24 and make everything else sound correct relative to it and you should be done.