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Old 6th April 2019
Lots of S1000KB love around here, I've had it for a couple of days only. Today I'm mr. Repairman, trying to wake up the disk drive.

Recorded early this morning;

While the rack format was extremely popular for samplers back in the day, it must be said that having the keyboard version of the S-1000 instantly made it feel like a completely different instrument, hands on, easy to use and very fun to play. This particular S-1000 KB has been owned by the euro pop legend E-type and the diskdrive does currently not work. Therefore, I programmed three patches (that I can't save) which uses the four internal waveforms of the machine. Adding these was a brilliant move by Akai and I am sending my thanks for this. The patches were programmed as three programs with two samples per key group, thus making the programs 8 note polyphonic. The synthesizer engine may be limited (the filter is non resonant for instance) but it is none the less highly musical and exciting to befriend. I'm calling this improvised musical passage "Akaiada".