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Old 6th April 2019
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Patches n Demos

I've set this space up to share learning on patches and demo's for beginner and advanced artists alike. I've always felt that there is a need for this as I got a lot of help myself from the forum setting up basic patches when I started and would be useful to have a learning resource. We can discuss how we are using modules and patching in different ways and share particular things we find useful and any difficulties we face. This can be as simple as trying out a new module right through to demonstrating performance patches. It should be inclusive for everyone to feel they can share and contribute ideas and compositions regardless of experience and ability. Just over 2 years in since buying my first modules which were Braids, Maths and Polaris, I'm still discovery and learning how to use the ones I've acquired and trying out some new ones.

Any format is good: photos, video, description or sketching patches - I understand this is a bit fiddly and can be time consuming.

Let's develop this shared learning space!