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Could the peavey minimax bass guitar amp work?

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this depends very much on which amp (or fx device) you're using for the reamping ... there's a whole lot of applications where it doesn't make a difference, any amp that has inputs accepting line-level signals (and are not too sensitive when it comes to impedance / loading) can be used without a reamp box easily: Twin Reverb, JC-120, pretty much every bass amp etc etc.
just the same for the classic sansamp boxes: Tchad Blake said he does all his sansamp magic WITHOUT any reamping ...

there is however amps like AC-30s or any Matchless amp which are very sensitive and where the magic lies in the interplay between the magnetic pickups and the input stage of the amp, these definitely do need a instrument-level, hi-impedance input signal so you need a reamping device. same for fuzz boxes, especially vintage-style germanium transistor ones.