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Spectral balance is only part of what makes some mics better than others (or at the very least different than others.) Transient response, distortion, how smooth or peaky their response is, etc. Even if/when it's possible to EQ a reasonable tonal match, you'll still have those other differences.

As someone else pointed out, off-axis response is another key factor that you can't fix with EQ (or any other way!) Many of the best mics are chosen in large part for their off-axis response.

Having said all that, there's no harm in experimenting. A few years ago I switched back and forth between XY cardioids and an all-in-one MS stereo mic for main pair duties. At one point I tried your idea and found that I could make each rig sound pretty similar to the other with the right EQ... but none of those mics were super-high-end, and they all had similar off-axis response, so they were fairly good candidates for such matching.

On the other hand, I've since purchased a much nicer MS pair, and there's no amount of EQ that can make either of my old rigs match the new one. I can certainly sculpt them to be closer if I want, but the other factors are still all missing.