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The smoothing was aggressive, but i dont recall what it was. The room is certainly on the smallest size for acceptable, so it has some probs. Overall, its in my house, it sounds and feels great and my clients love it.
Ditto my own room. Small and certainly with issues, but it has the convenience of being at home and gives me a sanctuary from my day job (I'm not a music professional).

Just to ask... I assume you must have taken some acoustic measurements of the room once it was finished. If so, are you willing/able to share a copy of the file? (whether in .mdat or another format). Or perhaps some other measurement plots? (waterfall and ETC especially).

The reason I’m asking isn’t about ‘proving’ how good your room is - I have no doubt that it’s great! It’s because measurements of well-built rooms like yours are super useful in helping other DIY’ers better understand how different designs/treatments work in practice. And we can only understand that through analysis of the measurement results.

For example, here’s a shot of my own room using the same scale as your measurement above. Looks great, but doesn’t say much about how it really sounds.

What ,000 USD can build you-room.jpg

PS - for transparency, some info on my own efforts can be found here:

Where I started out:
Big frequency dip in treated room - what are my options?

Where I ended up:
Room correction software (DSP) - optimising results for small rooms
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What ,000 USD can build you-room.jpg