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Here for the gear

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Send the FOH people your main output from your mixer.
This is called a sub mix.
Thanks for the reply. First off to answer your question, I like a clean mix. So I take the outs of my splitter (5 outs) and give it to the soundtech. That way they have all my instruments to ride the faders with. Sure, a workaround would be to give them a stereo signal while I set the room mix but I don’t trust my ear in a live setting. I prefer to give them more control than just a stereo signal. I trust sound techs as usually the ones I work with are top notch. It’s my side that is the issue sometimes.

As for the line outs and balance out for the mic on the RC300...

My mic goes into a TC helicon which I split one way to the splitter and my in ears then another way into the RC505. I don’t put vocals through my RC300 at all. Only thing I use it for is my Electric GtR (left out) my acoustic GtR (right out) and my drum loops which come out of the sub out. That’s three. The RC505 only records my BKGD Vocals cause Boss decided to have one dedicated output for a five track looper which is BEYOND me and a waste of a great idea. So I’m limited.

That’s why I refuse to send a stereo signal to FOH. I hope you understand.