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Nice! keep us posted on how it goes
I will. I will probably have questions.

I have printed your guide in color, and printed this thread, read through it all several times, and made a list of what mods interest me, along with notes, plus sketched an extension patch panel on some graph paper. I have started a basic BOM.

Soon I will order parts for this and some MS-20 Mini mods I am researching and for a few other DIY projects I have sitting waiting on me to build and some I am about to order (some Befaco gear, a Roland filter, a CP3 mixer, a Bi-Phase).

I have soldered car audio stuff and other basic things before but this will be my first real DIY experience of this caliber, but I am not worried, not really. I estimate I will be done in about one month, maybe two. I must buy a new soldering setup also.

My first DIY eurorack case is where it all converges, and I have many tasks left to do:

As I work toward some more like this up top, but I will make them all have matching knobs before I am done:

As soon as the Pro-1 is available I will be examining it for similar mods, based on this experience, to squeeze as much as I can from this Throwback setup.