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I believe the OP was referring to the earlier 'Faulkner array' - a pair of parallel figure 8s spaced at around 20 cm. There is always a bit of confusion here on GS when Faulkner techniques are discussed. For that matter, there are discrepancies between North American and European usage of: AB, XY, 'pure' Blumlein versus MS (they are actually two of three Blumlein techniques), not to mention 'pseudo ORTF', versus ORTF, DIN & NOS. Describing stereo mic techniques is kind of the Gearslutz tower of Babel
...regarding old vs new world's view on things: i just got to work on a very large production here in a venue: after a couple of hours, it became clear (once again) that stage left and stage right can mean very different things - got nothing to do with the project manager's dyslexia!

p.s. a good way to escape any potential issues with stereo mic techniques is to use surround - which has its own sets of issues though :-)