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HI everyone, I just upgraded to a new mac and no longer have a firewire port. Im wondering if my presonus firestudio will be compatible if I use the two adapters or if its time to move on? I could just sell the firestudio with my old mac. I really like the 8 xlr ins but I dont want to pay a ton of $$ ( i just dumped a bunch of cash on a beast of a mac) so I would settle for 4 xlr ins, and some midi. Here is my setup and info:

iMac Mohave 4ghz 32mb ram retna 5k 500 gb ssd
Logic Pro 10.4
Model D clone midi synth
usb midi controller
minilogue XD
Voicelive rack
assorted dynamic and condenser mics
GT66, Blue Bird, 57's, 58's etc.

I record and produce several types of music but mostly rock and reggae. I dont typically record more than 2-4 tracks simultaneously but it would be nice to have.

What does everyone use or recommend? Thanks in advance.
Well you’ll have as many recommendations as you’ll have posters but for me the quality and integration of Apogee Element series with Logic is hard to ignore. The 46 would suit your needs but it’s not in the very affordable side of interfaces but at the same time when you look at the quality, performance, built in DSP for low latency monitoring/recording inside Logic, it’s a win-win on all fronts.