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Currently I am quite partial to E Minor to C Major, as is the opening chords for The Cranberries 'Zombie'. Substituting the E Minor for E Major also sounds very cool.

I am always partial to minor 7 chords
I like Emajor to C, the relationship is a spicy one, as the chords only have one not in common, the E, which is called a mediant.

A good example of this chord relationship is in the song Blackfield, by the band Blackfield, from the album Blackfield.

My favourite mediant chord relationship is E minor (E G B) to Cm/Eb (Eb G and C), playing off that G. It’s very ungrounding with a sense of wonder. I first heard it many years ago in the X files, and it was all over the soundtrack for “The Ring”. I used it on a track called Boxes on my first album.

Minor 7ths are great as there’s plenty of ways to go, you could bring it down to a Minor 6th (E G B C#) it’s funk time! Up to a Minor 9th (E G B D F#) is also great and many other possible directions.