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A test of the new RME UFX+ send in PM by paul n., user name paulthesparky,
ADM: 47,33msec, 0,160dB (L), 0,208dB (R)..Corr Depth: 28,0 dB (L), 29,5 dB (R) Difference: -44.3 dBFS (L), -45.4 dBFS (R)
Matlab: 47.32248 ms, 0.1551 dB (L), 0.2027 dB (R), Difference: -46.0 dBFS (L), -47.1 dBFS (R)

To be added to the next issue of the list of results.
Just noticed the file I uploaded had some minor clipping in places from too much gain, giving borderline -0.0 Dbpt, so my correlation figures may have suffered slightly after the audio diffmaker results checked by didier.brest. as you can see by this attached chart of the export results. At least you can still compare the sound to the other files. I may do another export loop test at some stage.
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