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I did not do over 85db. There is no way. But, that week, I did several days straight and long hours. Of course with breaks. I never thought I could damage my ears doing too much music... And I did adjust some high frequency content and also my kick/drum bassline and my chair a neck rest in it which kinda bounces all the sounds straight into my ear. That is not good.

I visited ENT today, told me that I am most like going to be OK. I am on cortisone now for few weeks.

It feels like my tinnitus has gone down maybe very slightly. Not much, but maybe a notch.

Also I did a hearing test at ENT (not in optimal conditions) just to let myself know.

My hearings is at normal levels. Which is very good! But they don't test over 8khz which is kinda sad.

Anyway, I am hopeful.

good luck with it

do remember if you have residual tinnitus that the white noise works

my wife had tinnitus and that helped a lot
not all doctors or hearing centers know about that technique

and everybody's ears are different

my ears hurt at 85dB -- not exactly pain but very uncomfortable - certainly dont want to go louder
for me that is way too loud no matter what the govt study claims
i find for my ears that 75 dB is a reasonable max
my typical listening level in my apartment is 50