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Originally Posted by TerryBritton View Post
Probably the simplest dedicated controller option would be a simple wireless bluetooth keypad!

Here is a recent review article covering several out there currently:

The Best Wireless Numeric Keypads (2.4 Ghz & Bluetooth) in 2018-2019

And if you don't want any Bluetooth running on your production machine, just find a cheap wired keypad.

(I have a wireless bluetooth full computer keyboard sitting on top of my NI S-88, because I use the keyboard shortcuts a LOT in DP.)

Nice. Thanks, Terry. I use the keypad commands constantly, so that would be perfect. The ones listed on that site seem to use batteries, but I'll check around for one I can charge through USB. I already use Bluetooth for the Apple mouse.

I'm actually looking for a fader controller atm. So far the best single-channel affordable one seems to be Presonus FaderPort, but most of the buttons don't work with DP—automation mode, next track, previous track, etc. It does seem to support transport though. I don't know why the hell they won't update this aspect of the software.