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never heard of that name used

but i doubt whether it was really nadam if it started when you were young. there are plenty of things that can explain your hearing that.

now if you could control it then maybe it was nadam. those monks must be jealous
You know... When they were doing those hearing tests in elementary school... they put fear into the kids, saying that any ringing was bad. The only way I could control it was to be physically and mentally active, so I slept like 2 or 3 hours a day and was busy as a bee in my waking hours for decades. Many people thought it was crazy. Subconsciously that can have a very damaging effect on a person. Its like seeing new colors that already exist. The people who argue about it - have never seen new colors. Look up the word 'enon' - it is tough to find too. If you can see or hear or smell or touch a wider spectrum than that of the masses or scientists - it can be a handicap or a blessing, (especially if you are young and impressionable) its a choice. I feel there is not enough info out there on it. Very fascinating stuff. And an incredible frontier,,, that is barely scratched.