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The real lesson is to work with tools that can be quickly fixed if you have a problem.
If the distributor is not good, it's the manufacturer choice fault.
When you want to keep your clients you take care of them and don't blame anyone in your team for a problem, you are the responsible.
A distributor is a part of the manufacturer's team.

I had problems with some Neumann microphones (represented by Sennheiser here in Switzerland) and all the guys were all the time ready to do their best to give me fast solutions, and it works. As a professional I'm really satisfied.

In another way I ordered for the first time (and the last time) some Schoeps via the official Switzerland distributor at the end of last year and it has been a real nightmare. The microphones are of course great, but the distributor here, it's a shame. I really hope the microphones won't fail.

Even with expensive gear you can have troubles, but when you pay expensive gear you pay for quality but also for service.


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