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Nadam - is what many monks try to achieve, and can spend their lifetime in pursuit of it... (kinda a step near Nirvana) It is extra sensory hearing. (ESP for the ears/hearing) You hear with your mind and/or spirit. The Music of the spheres. It usually starts as a high pitch slightly wavering sound or ringing. Can sound like water gushing - bells - tinkling or like a sewing machine or jet engine. Mine started as a high pitch (not quite ringing) right in the middle of my left ear at a young age. Now I can move it around in my brain or even outside my physical body or turn it on or off on command. Some say it is shifting your focal point of hearing. /// I always had vertigo too. But after many jobs like smokestack testing (wrong) and wrestling with it - I realized it was just me having a 'gift' of shifting my conscious focal point. Once I could control it its like remote viewing. It was dangerous and weird having that without knowing what it was. Now, for me they have all been gifts money can't buy. But at first they made my life horrid. Hope that is what it is. You have to surrender to it... listen to it - give in, then you can control it. bless

never heard of that name used

but i doubt whether it was really nadam if it started when you were young. there are plenty of things that can explain your hearing that.

now if you could control it then maybe it was nadam. those monks must be jealous