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I am very worried I cannot do music anymore since my ears start to hurt even if i flush toilet or go into shower. Mixing is most likely out of the question.

But my ears are busted anyway. Music sounds like c..rap. Every music. They sound flat, no energy, a mess.

Anyone else here who have messed up their ears during mixing? I could really need some encouragement.

I don't wish this for even my worst enemy. This is a nightmare. Nights are the worst. I have slept 20 hours in last 4 days.

sounds like more than mere tinnitus.
and done at a hotter level than 85.

see an ear specialist.

if it really is tinnitus then they have ear plugs that play white noise around the frequencies of the tinnitus to help train you to ignore it

as to mixing dont even think about it until you fix your ears
although you could do it by sight looking at the waveforms if you were experienced enough before you became another beethoven

and keep the MAX dBA below 75 at all times now