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Originally Posted by thehightenor View Post
try this one

Left hand

G - G

Right hand

F -A -Bb - D


Follow with

Left Hand

D - D

Right hand

F# - A# - C - F

Double yummy - instant Donald Fagen.

There's 1000's of gorgeous progressions, substitutions, modulations, poly chords, parallel majors, minors and modes - harmony is an amazing process of setting little musical puzzles and solving them.

My favourite area of harmony to venture into (occasionally at least) is when the chords only work once the melody is present,
in this case the melody is the golden thread that ties together otherwise dissonant harmony.

Study, study, study - the possibilities are endless.
I’ll try those out later, if they sound like I imagine they will, then in for a treat.

I guess in the first example, you could keep the F and do Aaug and slide own to the E a moment later.

I agree what you say about musical puzzles. Most of my recent work has involved stitching together sections in different keys, weaving in and out (so they suit my vocal range) and have a sense of progression.

I have examples if you’d like to take a gander:

This one especially goes all over the place in the bridge:

Thanks for the suggestions again.

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