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Looking for mastering service (stonerrock)

Hi and greetings from Finland!

I’m looking a place to master two songs we just recorded. We recorded the songs live at our rehearsal space, so not the cleanest audio, but hopefully we captured the vibe. The songs are right now being mixed and we are trying to find somebody to master them within couple of weeks. The music style is more or less stonerrock / heavyrock / doom. You can check our previous recordings here: Angus Black (the ep “live at the cellar” was also recorded at our rehearsal space using similar method). The budget is around 200 dollars.

Our previous work was mastered at Audio Siege. There was nothing wrong with the job they did, but maybe we could use someone else this time.

So, good suggestions, whether it’s you or someone else, are appreciated!

Antti / Angus Black