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This is true for analog. Not for software. In software a measurement has to be taking, oh it's volume 5, so X=5. Then that goes into the software, get's your math done to it. then that reports back to the signal and adjusts the signals level. It takes at least one sample, and very often many samples for the signal to have it's level changed. The first sample of "Too loud" does not get compressed unless some "look ahead" is built into the software. This is typically the case. That introduces lag.

So sure it can work that way. But in the digital world, at the cost of lag. In the analog word, no lag required. Even though in practice, they way compressors are designed, it's lag rate is commonly what's desirable about how it operates.
With all due respect, I think you should stop arguing with someone that clearly posses superior knowledge about the subject at hand