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Originally Posted by BIG BUDDHA View Post
wow, thats a very bad run ???? sad to hear that, but i think your experience might not be typical, at least from my experience.
Ehhhh...that was pretty much my experience as well.

I loved the way it sounded (MCI and Ampex machines were sonically far superior for that "tape" sound IMO) but my 2" (JH24) was a massive money and time soak. Talk about sessions screeching to a halt...... I could add the downtime from 25 years of DAW breakdowns and they wouldn't equal one month of downtime on the MCI.

Add to that the fact that parts and a tech who were familiar with MCI's (critical that it was not just ANY tech cause normal tech's would just wander around on it for hours trying to figure stuff out) were in short supply 15 years ago, and keeping a 2" machine running was a freaking nightmare. One that I am occasionally nostalgic for, but would in no way ever attempt again.

And the thought of reusing tape and tape shed and sticky syndrome....ugh. Been there, done that, would never record over a project on tape a second time, much less use it over and over. And I had to have an baking oven set up permanently by the end of my tape tenure.

If you understand the issues, embrace the tech surprises, have plenty of $$$ to keep things going and like the adventure - then go for it.

Or for most....don't.